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Our Manufacturer Partner

Our journey to get our products made with the quality and at the scale required has spanned 6 different suppliers over our 18 months of selling our products beginning with a small scale launch in January of 2017.  We started with wonderful, textile making social benefit organizations only to see them excessively challenged by the scale, quality, cost and variety of patterns and sizes we need to pioneer and ignite this category of reusable gift wrap.  The expectation of having social benefit organizations benefit from and make our reusable gift wrap products was a vision very dear to us.   Unfortunately, practicality had to prevail.

We currently contract with a 4th generation family-owned textile manufacturer in India to make our bags.  They have the capability, quality and scale to make the various sizes and types of gift wrap products we have planned.  We just took delivery of our first order from them, after a very significant delay in September (2018).