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Our Story

Our company’s name derives from its mission (much as it sounds like a lighting company!! ☺ ) :  “to illuminate the countless ways we can all live more thoughtfully and work together to preserve our extraordinary culture, diversity and the beautiful planet which sustains us.”

We are a group of people who marvel at the breathtaking innovation, creativity and progress of our race.  We love our smart phones, our favorite artisan and mainstream clothing and food brands, Instagram, ride services like Uber & Lyft and binge watching TV shows.   But amidst all of this amazing lifestyle indulgence, we think there’s a limit and we feel a need to consume less or at least more sensibly to ensure our kids have this same opportunity with their children.

We also think that much of what is most fulfilling and transformational in life requires hard work and sustained focus.  And that’s precisely what’s missing with the illusion of convenience and single use – no effort, second nature, repeated frequently, often completely unavoidable, obscuring what is in reality a very negative individual and collective impact.  In fact, we seem to be missing all kinds of more thoughtful, innovative and more sustainable ways to eat, drink, groom and gift.  And this is the type of innovation we are dedicated to catalyzing -  not just inspiring more thoughtful behavior but more connecting, fulfilling, sustainable ways of living and consuming.

We chose to start our cool reusables’ journey with gift giving because it is such a uniquely human act of generosity, love, tradition and well wishing.  What better way to accompany and enhance the generous intent of a gift giver than with a gorgeous reusable gift bag.   And hopefully the bag is used and reused, and is a touchstone and reminder of how fulfilling, connecting and sensible it is to consume more thoughtfully.

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