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Our Products & Materials

Our bags are made from Juco, which is comprised of 30% cotton and 70% jute (also called burlap).  The natural fiber used in the jute  comes from the stem and outer skin of the jute plant.  Jute is a rain-fed crop that doesn't need much in the way of fertilizer or pesticides and about 80% of the world's production comes from India and Bangladesh.  Jute fiber is recyclable and edible.  We originally made our bags in Jute fiber only but Juco is lighter, meaning less energy to transport it, and it absorbs and requires less dye while generating brighter colors.  Juco also has fewer natural imperfections than jute which is essential for our culture's high expectation consumers and avoiding higher defect and rejection rates which leads to more waste and higher cost.  Clearly minimizing costs is essential to any company but for us, we need to keep pricing as competitive with single use and paper gift packing as possible to accelerate adoption.

The lamination on the interior of the bags has a layer of LDPE plastic to give the material more rigidity, last longer and be easily wiped off, which is particularly helpful when the bags are used for carrying lunch and food.  We are working on alternative means of lamination.  

Our gift cards are made from chlorine free, 100% recycled paper made from post-consumer waste.   The gift cards, in combination with the inner pockets in our gift bags, saves not only the cost but the waste of an envelope and the single use plastic sleeve many greeting cards are packaged in.  

Our gift bag packaging is also made from post consumer recycled paper and water based inks and is recyclable and compostable.